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Hear better

Improve your face to face communication. Better speech comprehension through advanced directional sound amplification. Less background noise and natural sound of your own voice.

Music & Phone

Use LIZN Hearpieces as discreet earphones on the go. Switch easily between Earphone and Hearing mode by Finger Touch.

True wireless

Wireless Bluetooth® connection to your smartphone or player providing ultimate freedom to move.

Hear better

Everybody struggles to understand speech, especially in noisy environments and bad acoustics.

Using the LIZN Hearpieces you will simply improve your soundscape. Look at a person and enhance your understanding of what is being said. Simultaneously the background noise will be dampened, so you will experience a relaxed feeling of control.

Depending on the sound environment you can choose between two amplificaton levels COMFORT and BOOST.

LIZN Hearpieces does not close your ears completely. There is no so-called occlusion effect and thereby you will experience a natural sound of your own voice.

Watch the video here.

Music & Phone

LIZN Hearpieces also function as normal earphones.

Connect to your smartphone or media player via Bluetooth® and use the Hearpieces as a discreet sound and communication device. Make telephone calls and listen to music or podcasts, be guided around by GPS and handle your smartphone using voice control.

With the user-friendly Finger Touch system you toggle between Earphone and Hearing mode using a double tap on one of the Hearpieces.

True wireless

LIZN Hearpieces are the world smallest true wireless earphones with Bluetooth® connection to your smartphone or player providing ultimate freedom of movement.

The Bluetooth® connection between the Hearpieces and your smartphone or player goes via the combined Charger and Carrying case. So you have to carry both items to experience the Earphone function.

Choose from 3 colors

  • Ruby Red
  • Caffe Latte
  • Antracite Grey

Be the first - Pre-order

You can join the LIZN Community and preorder your new LIZN HEARPIECES now.

Delivery will be around February 2018



The smart combined Charger and carrying case fits perfectly in a pocket, so you can carry your LIZN Hearpieces around.

As soon as you place your Hearpieces in the charger it starts charging. When you take them out, the Hearpieces will be automatically switched on along with the Bluetooth® connection to the Charger.

You recharge the Charger via the enclosed USB cable.



The LIZN Hearpieces are officially named CES Innovation Awards Honoree 2018

Products chosen for this prestigious award are evaluated on their innovative features and design in some of the most cutting edge tech products and services coming to market. 

The products are judged based on engineering, aesthetic qualities, intended function and unique features.


LIZN CES Innovation Awards 2017



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