Face-to-Face communication is essential for business, leisure and your social life.

Everybody struggles to understand speech in some situations, especially in noisy environments and bad acoustics – restaurants, coffee shops, office environments, schools, public transport, exhibitions, meetings, television rooms and so many other places, where you need to use your mental resources just to try to understand what is being said.

The LIZN Passion is to consumerize the hearing industry and to develop affordable products to help people improve their face-to-face communication and thereby improve the quality of life for the more than one billion of the world population who struggle to understand speech in noisy environments and bad acoustics.


LIZN Hearpieces(r) are Hearables with dual functionality. It works as an Earphone for music and phone as well as a Hearing device. When you are in LIZN mode the advanced sound processing system enhances the consonants in human speech. In combination with the directional microphone technology this improves your ability to understand speech in a noisy environment. You just have to point your nose in the direction of the person you want to listen to, and you will discover the difference.

LIZN Hearpieces are customizable and can be adjusted to your hearing preferences and the sound environment on the go. You control the sound volume by finger touch. A "hold" - a long touch - on the LEFT Hearpiece will turn the volume down. Similarly, a long touch on the RIGHT Hearpiece will turn the volume up.

Further, you can select between three levels of consonant amplification - SOFT, NORMAL and CLEAR. The CLEAR level enhances the consonants in human speech so you can understand speech even in a severe sound environment. You swap between the three levels by toggling on the LEFT Hearpiece using a single tap.

Please observe that the LIZN Hearpieces improves speech intelligibility for everyone. The product does not function as a traditional hearing aid.


Improving speech intelligibility is not just a question of amplification. If you amplify everything, you will feel even more stressed. The trick is to amplify the important sounds for speech comprehension and reduce the background noise. The LIZN Hearpieces dampen the overall noise with 5-7 dB, and it is only the frequency level of the consonants in human speech which is being enhanced.  

The dampening of the sound pressure has three important advantages for you:

1. You will improve your ability to understand speech due to the lower noise level.

2. Your ears will be protected in a noisy environment, and you will be able to stay double as long before your ears will be damaged.

3. You will feel much more comfortable and relaxed.

Natural own voice

The LIZN Hearpieces are made for face to face communication. This involves not only the ability to understand what is being said. Naturally, you also want to speak yourself. 

If your ears are sealed completely, you feel like you are inside a bubble, and the unpleasant sound of your own voice makes it uncomfortable to speak. This is called the Occlusion Effect. To avoid this the LIZN Hearpieces has an open fitting allowing a constant air stream between your ears and the surroundings. Thereby you will experience a natural sound of your own voice.

Minimalism for everyone

Minimalism is an integral part of the LIZN DNA. LIZN Hearpieces offer an easy and convenient Finger Touch functionality, so you can control the product and your sound environment. 

Use a double .tap on the LEFT Hearpiece to change between LIZN and MEDIA mode.
To answer a phone call, just use a single tap on the RIGHT Hearpiece to answer, or use a double tap to reject and to end a call.

You can also download the LIZN App, so you can control your Hearpieces from your smartphone on the go. Using the LIZN App you can select the sound volume and the most comfortable consonant amplification level, and you can update your Hearpieces to the latest software version.

Wireless connection

When you remove the LIZN Hearpieces from the Charger they will automatically be switched on.

Simultaneously the wireless connection between the Hearpieces and your smartphone will open, so you can use them for music, podcasts, telephone and similar earphone functions in MEDIA mode. 

You connect your Hearpieces to your smartphone just by using the LIZN App on your phone.

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