Pre-order Q&A

Country and State/Province

To which countries will LIZN Hearpieces be shipped?

When you order LIZN Hearpieces from the webshop, it can be shipped to the following countries: EU, USA, Canada, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

Why do i have to select a US or an EU Pre-order site?

In Europe all prices are in Euro including Tax/VAT. In the rest of the world the prices are in USD and not including Tax/VAT. So you must choose one of the two options before you start to Pre-order.

How can I order LIZN Hearpieces when I'm not in one of your shipping locations?

As soon as we get necessary certifications, we will expand taking orders on our webshop. You can sign up to be alerted as soon as LIZN Hearpieces are available to ship to your country by using the Contact menu below. Please include your address and country in the message.

How do I find my State or Province on the Billing & Shipping site?

When you have selected your Country, the field State or Province is updated. Then you can select the relevant State or Province. If your State or Province does not show up, please select another country and then your own country again.

Payment and credit card

If I Pre-order the LIZN Hearpieces now, when will the payment be deducted on my credit card?

As your Order has Pre-order status, the total amount for your Order will only be pre-authorized on your Credit Card. It will be charged only at the time of shipment to you.

Why can I see on my account that the payment has been deducted?

On some Credit Card account statements the validation of your credit card will be shown as a payment and a following refund.

What do I do if my credit cards expires before shipment?

For security reasons LIZN cannot change credit card details. If you have to change to another credit card before shipment you have to cancel your Pre-order and make a new. Please contact LIZN via the Contact menu below.

Why can't I get through to Credit Card Registration after having filled out the Billing & Shipping page?

The reason that you can't get through to the Credit Card Registration page is probably that one of the fields on the Billing & Shipping page is not correct. Please go through all the fields and check carefully.

Why do I receive an error message after having filled out the Credit Card Registration page?

In the US in particular the safety procedures using a credit card on a European webshop is rather tough. Please be aware that if there is a difference between the address attached to the credit card and the Billing address on the LIZN webshop, this can lead to a rejection. If the problem continues please contact your bank.


When will I receive the LIZN Hearpieces?

LIZN Hearpieces is in the final stage of Product Development. Product Development is always hard to predict, so there might still be "bumps on the road." We have seen that in the past. If the delivery time will be changed, you will be informed by email.

Can I cancel a Pre-order?

You can cancel your Pre-order at any time until shipment. Please use the Contact menu below.

Will I get an opportunity to cancel the Pre-order before shipment?

Before shipment you will be notified by email, so you have time to decide whether you still want to purchase the LIZN Hearpieces. The LIZN Hearpieces will not be shipped to you until we receive your final approval.

Return policy

Can I return the LIZN Hearpieces I have purchased on the LIZN webshop if I am not satisfied with the device?

There is a 1 month hassle-free return policy for products ordered via the LIZN webshop. If you are not satisfied with the LIZN Hearpieces, for any reason, you have 1 month from the time you receive your goods to initiate a return and request a refund. Keep in mind, to process your return, LIZN requires a receipt or proof of purchase on the LIZN webshop. Shipping and handling fees are non-refundable.

How do I process a return / exchange?

Go to the Contact menu below to arrange the details. You will receive return documents and a return shipping label by email. Pack the LIZN box in the same or similar packaging in which you received the product. To be eligible for a return, your items and accessories must be in the same condition that you received it and be in the original LIZN packaging and include all items including Charger, Heartips, cable and Manual. Print the return shipping label and the return document and put the return documents inside the box together with the products. Then stick the return shipping label on the top of the packaging. Please ship it to the provided address by the carrier of your choice and at your expense. Don't forget to keep the shipping receipt.

Support & Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact LIZN for my specific questions?

If you need answers to questions you cannot find on the LIZN website, please use the Contact menu below.

Can I use the LIZN Hearpieces as a single device?

Using the LIZN Hearpieces as a single device reduces the experience. LIZN Hearpieces streams audio in stereo in Earphone mode so using only one device will allow the user to hear only the right or left part of the stereo signal. In Hearing mode the directionality is created by the combined effect of the two devices. If only one device is used speakers to either the right or the left (dependent on which device is used) is amplified instead of the person you are looking at.

Can I purchase one LIZN Hearpiece or two for the same ear instead of a right and left?

The LIZN Hearpieces are produced as a set including a charger for a right and a left Hearpiece respectively, so it is not possible to purchase one Hearpiece or two identical.

Disclaimer on hearing loss

Are the LIZN Hearpieces designed to compensate for hearing loss?

LIZN Hearpieces are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or mitigate disease. It is not intended as an aid for a person with a persistent hearing impairment or who are experiencing the following medical conditions: Conductive hearing loss, assymetric hearing loss, ear pain, ear drainage, sudden hearing loss, dizziness tinnitus and similar deseases.

Can LIZN Hearpieces help people with a hearing loss?

LIZN Hearpieces are not hearing aids nor a medical device, but customer feedback has demonstrated that the Hearpieces help you to understand speech in noisy environments regardsless if you have a hearing loss or not.

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